Office Relocation and Move Management Doesn’t Need to be Highly Stressful

When it’s time for an office relocation it should be a time of excitement rather than stress or trepidation and the key is using the services of the right move management company for your particular needs. We understand what it’s like, not only do you have a business to run but you now need to plan an office removal, the movement of your entire operation, and that can be a big job.

Planning Your Move and the Project Management of It

Planning is paramount to achieving a successful and advantageous move so the company you choose to help you should be able to help you with the planning and execution of every facet of the project, being office movers who ‘lift and shift’ isn’t enough.

Finding and Securing the Right Building

When you are trying to find a commercial property for your office relocation, the right advice is really critical. Whether you are leasing property or buying it, getting the most advantageous financial terms is important, but finding the right building for your needs now and for the foreseeable future are equally so.

Whose Side is The Property Agent On? The Landlord or property owner may have completed commercial property transactions numerous times and will invariably use the services of a commercial property agent to get the best deal for them.

Who Is On Your Side? Part of our service offering is professional property consultancy, providing somebody who is on your side, focused entirely on your needs and ensuring you get the best deal, someone to give you advice, guidance and assistance in making the right choices and decisions about your commercial property. This service will help you avoid the expensive mistakes so many businesses make and make sure you achieve the most appropriate outcome for your business.

Transparent Estimates and Pricing

There are never any hidden costs! What you pay is what is agreed for your project, the only time that will change is if you decide you want something different and make changes.

On Time as Well as On Budget = Cost Effective

The reason we agree time frames and budgets up front is very simple, if we don’t there is the potential for costs to escalate and neither you nor we, want that.


Conceptual drawings, space planning, visualised 3D renderings

To enable you to truly appreciate what your project will look like, how well your space will work for you and get, at least, an understanding of the ‘WOW’ factor you’ll get when we complete it for you, we’ll be providing you with a range of drawings, coloured renderings and, if needed, 3D renderings. You’ll be able to make alterations, suggestions and changes so that you get absolutely what’s right for you and your business, with no ‘guess work’.

Complete Building and Construction Services

Every element of your relocation will be taken care of for you including all the building and construction services. If you want to use proven, time served solutions or explore eco-friendly lighting, energy efficient power generation, high-tech heating and cooling or the latest in insulation products, we’ll make sure you get all the answers you need to allow you to make fully qualified decisions.

Your IT, Telecoms and Communication Needs

When you move in, everything will be where it needs to be, fully working and tested. Your IT systems and telephones, and any other communication technology and processes your business utilises, will be ready for business. Nothing is left to chance.

Relocation and Move Management

Nothing is left to chance, your office relocation will be structured and planned in detail to ensure every last thing is where it needs to be when you and your team arrive. Your office contents will be crated, boxed or palletised according to need it will be moved and installed in your new offices according to your pre-agreed plans. Every last element will come under your Move Management Plan … Nothing is left to chance.

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