Adrian Samways

Head of Technical

AKA, The Nice Guy

Adrian is the director of operations, joint business owner and the realist among us. Someone has to ground all of our crazy ideas and bring some normality back to the office.

If you want to know anything and I mean anything about the logistics of an office build Adrian is the guy to speak to. He knows office fit out inside out and can build an office with his hands behind his back.

He often looks like he’s daydreaming but in fact, as he’s a thinker, a problem solver and the one person you can rely on if you need support, assistance or advice he’s just processing everything before he speaks. If we didn’t have Adrian our crazy ideas would be causing more problems than worth for our PM’s.

Adrian’s a family man, if he’s not at work providing he’s at home supporting.

Now you know why we think he’s the nice guy.