Ian Longland

Senior Technical Designer

AKA ‘Longy Longhair’

He draws anything and everything. Making the crayons on paper real.

When not at work he likes to be active so he can burn off the 2500 calories he’s about to eat at the movies alone!

He likes to take pictures of his feet in obscure places. He’s a designer after all. Weirdo! He’s had a curry with Kid Creole and his Coconuts, had a pint with Edwin Star, kissed Ruby Wax, danced with Boney M and body searched Peter Crouch.

You’re looking at him thinking that’s Guy Martin aren’t you? He’s already played that card and not had to buy a drink all night. We’re sure it’s the only reason so many celebs have befriended him. Biggest frustrations are unfairness on all scales and not getting it right by doing ‘A Proper Job’